Accreditation Process

The self-study process, Self-Study Report (SSR) and on-site visit represent the core of COMTA’s accreditation process, but there are a number of other steps that an institution must complete.


The institution must provide basic information to demonstrate that it is eligible to begin the accreditation process. The application is completed online.  Please contact COMTA staff for account access to the online Accreditation Management System (AMS) EDvera.  Establishing an account does is available free of charge. The application fee is submitted upon submission of the online application form.  Contact 202-888-6790 or for more information.

Accreditation and Peer Reviewer Workshop

Workshops move ONLINE for convenience and cost savings

Representatives of the institution must prepare for the accreditation process by participating in an online training course or two that covers the Self-Study Report, peer review and on-site visit, and includes the opportunity to ask questions and share information.

See COMTA’s Training Resources/Webinar area for information about the new online training portal and the courses required for applicants.

Self-Study Report (SSR)

Institutions must complete a Self-Study Report – a comprehensive, in-depth effort by the school, its administration, faculty, students, graduates and employers. This is a three to twelve month process that enables a program/school to compare its performance against established standards. To begin, download the COMTA Standards and Self-Study Report and Financial Review Checklist.
Institutions are now required to submit SSRs and exhibits electronically. Those that choose to submit paper copies will pay a $500 surcharge. This new requirement will result in significant savings in time, effort, paper and shipping costs, which have been passed on to institutions and programs. The net savings make COMTA accreditation a more cost effective choice.

On-site visit

Institutions must participate in an on-site visit by a team of COMTA-approved reviewers (practitioners, educators and administrators will be selected based on availability and expertise). The visitors may interview administrators, faculty, students, graduates and employers of graduates; observe classes; examine teaching records, files and educational resources; and verify elements of the SSR. Click here for fee information. The team of reviewers compose a report of their observations and assessment of the evidence supporting the self-study.

Findings report and response

The report from the on-site visit is given to the school to review. Institutions and programs submit a response to COMTA’s final team report, if required, and provide explanations and/or additional documentation for Standards of Accreditation that were not met at the time of the on-site visit.

Deliberation and decision

Then, following the next in-person meeting of the Commission within 30 days, the institution or program receives the Commission’s decision as to whether the school/program is in compliance with the Standards of Accreditation. The types of decisions availble to the Commission may be reviewed in our Policies & Procedures Manual.

If you have any questions about the accreditation process, please call 202-888-6790 and speak to a COMTA accreditation specialist or email