Annual Report Form Changes – FY 2011

Posted by: LaToshya Vaughn    |    Wednesday, October 12, 2011 7:00 am

October 13, 2011

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Dear School Owners and/or Directors,

As part of a recent review of our standards, policies and procedures we have made some changes to the Annual Report form.  COMTA’s new database has been updated to improve the consistency of storing historical and present data of the currently accredited and new applicant schools.  The new database will be fully integrated with the new version of the Annual Report form in order to sync the report data directly into the database.

As you prepare to submit your FY2011 Annual Report to COMTA, we would like to keep you informed of what will be mandatory for submission of the Annual Report.   You may already be aware that the Annual Report form is to be completed using the TaskStream online submission system.  Although the paper version of the Annual Report form will still be located on COMTA’s website so you can preview the questions, it will be prohibited to complete the form from the website and then upload it to TaskStream.  You must complete the Annual Report form that is located in the “Annual Report” workspace via the TaskStream system.  If you do not follow this required procedure, you will be assessed a $500 fee, per COMTA’s policy. 

There will be instructions in the workspace to help guide you in completing the form in TaskStream.  Please note, the Annual Report form in TaskStream is programmed in such a way that all questions must be answered and if the question is not applicable to you, please type “N/A” as your answer to be able to submit the form when it is completed. 

Along with completing the annual report form, you must also upload the supporting evidence as follows:
• Reviewed or Audited Financial Statements (required for institutional accreditation)
• Financial Aid Compliance Report (if applicable)
• Budget or other evidence of financial commitment to the program (programmatic accreditation, if full financial statements are not available)
• Appendix D.12 – for each program

As a reminder, Annual Reports are due (6) months after your fiscal year end.

As always, the COMTA office is available to provide assistance.  This school is encouraged to contact LaToshya Vaughn at (202) 895-1518 x.846, or via email at, if you have questions or require assistance.


Kate I.H. Zulaski
Executive Director

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