EDvera Electronic Submission

logo_edveraEffective January 2014, COMTA is pleased to offer a comprehensive web-based Acreditation Management System (AMS) for all accreditation-related documents. The system has been designed specifically for COMTA by Cyanna, a firm specializing in providing assessment and reporting tools for post secondary educational institutions. The system is simple and fairly intuitive, and saves countless hours of preparation time and shipping costs for schools, programs and COMTA staff. The result is a less costly, more efficient peer review process in the short run, and in the long run a tool for schools and programs to track data required for COMTA reporting and for overall program assessment and program improvement. The cost for this very useful system is included in the sustaining fees already paid to COMTA.

All reporting documents are available on the website (annual reports, annual financial reports, Self-Study Reports and responses to letters from the Commission); with tools allowing schools and programs to upload exhibits to the site. The review process also makes use of the same system, allowing timely, efficient and ongoing access to documentation.

Each COMTA-accredited school or program is given an individualized, password protected workspace which may be accessed at any time, with a variety of tools for reporting and tracking, all customizable to each institution’s individual needs. Additionally, COMTA has contracted with Cyanna to provide unlimited support to our member schools and volunteer reviewers.

All users may log in through the main site: https://comta.edvera.com

New applicant schools and programs – please contact the COMTA staff regarding getting your login information for the COMTA AMS (EDvera) System: 202-895-1518 or via email: info@comta.org.