Maintaining Accreditation

Effective March 2014, COMTA grants accreditation in seven (7) year increments. (Prior accreditation grant remain at the previous five year increments.) As the Standards of Accreditation are a living document that changes in response to changing needs of the profession, schools and programs are expected to maintain awareness of the changes to the Standards and Policies & Procedures and make changes at the institution or program level to maintain compliance.

Substantive Change Notification & Approval

Maintaining compliance includes seeking approval from the Commission for Substantive Changes.  These are described in the Policies & Procedures Manual.

Annual Report

Each year of accreditation grant, schools and programs are required to demonstrate continued compliance with the current Standards through an Annual Report to the Commission. The Annual Report includes annual count of students enrolled, reporting of recent rates for Completion and Placement, as well as confirmation that the school is aware of the most recent Standards and has not made Substantive Changes without following COMTA procedures. Annual Reports are due February 1 of each year.

Sustaining Fees

Accredited institutions and programs are required to submit annual Sustaining Fees to COMTA due March 1 of each year. Sustaining Fees are used to maintain the COMTA office, provide for staff to assist accredited members and contribute toward expenses for the Commissioners to meet and review school materials.

Sustaining Fee calculations can be found on the Fee Schedule.

Annual Financial Statements (institutionally-accredited only)

Those institutionally accredited by COMTA are required to submit independently reviewed or audited* financial statements, due 6 months after the end of the institution’s fiscal year.

*Those institutions with annual gross revenue < $400,000, an independent Compilation with Disclosures may be submitted instead.


As the period of accreditation nears expiry, the Self-Study process is begun again and a site visit be Peer Reviewers will occur prior to the grant of accreditation expiring.

Renewal fees can also be found on the  Fee Schedule.