For Immediate Release: WELCOME New COMTA Commissioners and COMTA Staff

WELCOME! New COMTA Commissioners and COMTA Staff

The COMTA Commission and Staff would like to welcome our four newest Commissioners:

  • Patrick Comstock (Administrator)
  • Carolina Render (Massage Practitioner)
  • Michael Santoro (Public Member)
  • Cassandra Stratton (Employer)

We are pleased to share the following Commissioners have been re-elected and/or re-appointed for another 4-year term:

  • Toshiana Baker (Esthetics Practitioner)
  • Lurana Bain (Massage Educator)
  • Dale Healey (Distinguished Contributor)

We also extend our sincere gratitude for their outstanding service to the following Commissioners whose terms are concluding:

  • Cliff Korn (Distinguished Contributor)
  •  Bruce Levine (Public Member)
  • Nathan Nordstrom (Employer)


Joining the new Commissioners is a new member of the COMTA staff team – Beverley Giroud, serving as Accreditation Services Coordinator. Beverley has also concluded a lengthy tenure as a Commissioner and is the former Director of a COMTA-accredited school. She brings great knowledge and experience and is excited to support schools, the Commission, and the professional community in this new role!

The new Commissioners will be joining the Commission at its upcoming October 17 & 24 meeting.  We welcome them aboard and look forward to working with this wonderful new group of colleagues!

Bios and photos of current Commissioners can be found on our website:

Details for our new staff and Commissioners will be available following the October meeting.

 For additional information, please contact Executive Director Dawn Hogue at



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