Call for Comment: Faculty Qualifications Proposed Change

Standard III(B)(3) Proposed Revision

Faculty Qualifications for Science Instructors

At its April 18-19, 2017 meeting, the Commission voted to amend the language in Standard III(B)(3) to more accurately reflect the previous change in expectations for science instructor qualifications. In April 2015, after a public comment period, the Commission approved to expand the definition of “undergraduate proficiency,” yet the continued use of this phrase within the Standards was deemed misleading and confusing.

Therefore, the Commission has voted to revise the language of the Standard as follows:

Standard III(B)(3): Instructors of anatomy physiology, and pathology have at least an “undergraduate level of proficiency in the subject matter being taught advanced proficiency in these sciences which is broader and deeper than the material being taught. (See Faculty Qualifications, Development and Evaluation Guidelines.)

Please click here to view the complete Standard and accompanying Faculty Qualifications Policy document: COMTA Faculty Qualifications Policy – Proposed Revisions – April 2017

Per COMTA policy, this change to the Standards requires a call for public comment before ratifying and enacting. Upon review of the proposal, to submit a comment, you may do so be sending an email to with subject line “Faculty Qualifications Public Comment”.

All comments must be submitted by June 15, 2017 to be considered.


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