Commission Alerts – November 2015


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The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) would like to bring your attention to the following announcements voted on at its November 23, 2015 meeting:

  1. Revised Fee Schedule, Effective January 2016 – Approved
    The Commission approved revisions to its Fee Schedule (Appendix A.3). Primary Changes include:
    ◊ Separate fees for programmatic and institutional accreditation to reflect differing standards and verification requirements.
    ◊ Adjust site visit fees slightly to reflect increased travel expenses.
    ◊ Adjust Substantive Change fees to more accurately reflect direct and indirect Commission expenses.
    ◊ No change in Sustaining Fees.
    Click here to view the new Fee Schedule.

  2. New COMTA-Endorsed Curriculum Requirements – Approved
    The Commission approved the requirements for the forthcoming COMTA-Endorsed Curriculum status:
    COMTA-Endorsed Curriculum Requirements
    COMTA Standards versus Endorsed Curriculum Requirements (reference document only)
    For more information on requirements and instructions to apply, contact COMTA staff directly at or 202-888-6790.

  3. Annual Financial Reporting Requirements – Programmatic Accreditation
    ◊ The Commission voted to eliminate the annual financial reporting requirement for programmatically accredited members, effective immediately. This eliminates the need to submit a program budget each year.  Program budgets will still be submitted during initial and renewal accreditation cycles.
    ◊ The Annual Report requirement remains the same for both programmatic and institutional accreditation.  Both programs and institutions will submit an Annual Report form and Student Outcomes Reporting (“Student Roster Document”) each year by December 1.  NOTE: This deadline was extended until February 1, 2016 for this reporting year only.
    ◊ Institutionally accredited members must still submit annual independently reviewed/audited financial statements (due six months after fiscal-year end).

Be sure to check the COMTA website regularly for actions and alerts.  The Commission updates all pertinent actions and alerts on its website.

For additional information concerning this memorandum, please contact Kate Zulaski, Executive Director, at 202-688-6790 x101, or via email at  You may also email the chair of the Commission at


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