Fall 2009 Alerts

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The following Policy, Standard and/or Procedure Change(s) have been enacted as of the October
2009 Commission Meeting:

  1. Completion, licensure and placement rates have been changed to 65%, 75% and 65%,
  2. The annual report and financial report form has been amended as one document. See Appendices
    D.11 and D.15b for updated forms.
  3. A grace period of 15 calendar days after start of program (to begin student count), has been added
    to the Annual Report.
  4. The COMTA site team report has been amended from a scale (1-4) to yes/no format.
  5. The September 15, 2009 version of the Standards has been adopted by the ommission (specific
    changes have been made to the requirements for programmatically accredited schools).
  6. A new Fee Schedule will go into effect January 1, 2010. See Appendix A.3. All documentation must be submitted via the online submission system at www.taskstream.com. Fees will apply for documents submitted via any other means.

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