Fall 2010 Alerts

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COMTA Alerts

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The Commission on Massage Therapy
Accreditation (COMTA) would like to bring your

attention to the following

  1. COMTA School Actions from the
    October 2010 Commission Meeting (located onthe COMTA website www.comta.org )
  2. The Commission discussed the labels
    used to acknowledge the status of accreditation for institutions and
    programs and has re-evaluated the severity of Probation and Show Cause statuses. The
    Probation status was previously used quite sparingly as a more extreme measure.
    However, the Commission agreed at this most recent meeting that Probation is not
    considered an adverse action and will be used to label institutions and programs
    which need to be monitored for compliance with COMTA Standards. The status of Show
    Cause is to be used in more urgen tsituations when the school is being
    considered for revocation of accreditation bu tare provided one last opportunity to
    demonstrate compliance before revocation. Please note the change in the usage and
    respond accordingly to any status of Show Cause.
  3. COMTA Standard 3.1.5 has been
    interpreted by the Commissioners regarding the meaning of “undergraduate” to
    qualify instructors for this Standard to include individuals who have completed a
    massage or aesthetics program.  
  4. Appendix D.3 Catalog Requirements
    Checklist – item number 33(a) has been revised to “Reference to a reputable
    resource that lists the names, addresses and licensing requirements for all the
    appropriate regulatory agencies in all states that regulate the practice of massage
    therapy and bodywork and/or aesthetics/skin care.(e.g. AMTA, ABMP or similar resource
    that is updated regularly with information for ALL states.)”. The updated checklist
    has been posted on the COMTA website. 
  5. Programs which had submitted SSR
    materials during the 2008 and 2009 review cycles with certain Standards exempted
    will be notified individually regarding the timeline for demonstrating compliance
    with the Standards which replace the exemptions.
  6. For “New” schools or programs,
    please submit your initial application no later tha none year after attending an
    accreditation workshop. Applications must be accepted before submitting a Self-Study Report.
    Your Self-Study Report must be received at least 9 months prior to the dates below
    to be reviewed by the Commission foraccreditation:

    • January 1st– to be on the October meeting agenda 
    • June 1st– to be on the April meeting agenda
  7. For COMTA-approved schools or
    programs, please submit your renewal application and Self Study Report no
    later than 9 months prior to the expiration ofyour accreditation.

The Alerts and Actions are located on
the COMTA website under the “Newsroom” tab. Click the“COMTA Alerts and Actions”. 

Be sure to check the COMTA website
regularly for actions and alerts. The Commission updates

all pertinent actions and alerts on its
website. Please promptly inform COMTA if your school

has a new email address.

If you have comments regarding any of
the schools on this list please write the COMTA office.

For additional information concerning
this memorandum, please contact Kate Henrioulle,

Executive Director, at 202-895-1518, or
via email at khenrioulle@comta.org. You may also

email the chair of the Commission at

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