For Public Notice – Request for Appeal

October 20-21, 2021 Commission Meeting

Commission Action – Request for Appeal

The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) concluded its October 20-21, 2021 Commission meeting.  By action of the Commission, the school noted below received the following:

Revocation of Accreditation               

Institute for Therapeutic Massage (Haskell, NJ)

The Commission revoked accreditation for failure to demonstrate financial stability as required by Standard XII (A) (1) & (2) and for failure to meet the requirements for Title IV Financial Aid Administration as required by Standard XV(A).

The Commission’s most recent review began with a period of monitoring and reporting on Standard XII (A) (1) & (2), Financial Stability and Standard XV (A), Title IV Compliance in October of 2019. At the February 2021 meeting, the Commission placed the institution on Probation for failure to demonstrate financial stability as required by Standard XII(A) (1) & (2); an additional period of monitoring followed during which the institution was not able to demonstrate compliance with Standard XII (A) (1 and (2) or Standard XV (A). At the April 2021 meeting, the Commission issued a Show Cause Directive and required a response from the institution to be submitted for review at the October 2021 meeting. At the October 2021 meeting, the Commission found that the institution had not demonstrated compliance with Standard XII (A) (1) & (2) and Standard XV (A) and accordingly revoked the institution’s accreditation.

Request for Appeal

The institution submitted a written request for appeal on November 22, 2021 and will remain in an accredited status of Probation until the appeal process is concluded. Per COMTA Policies, an Appeals Committee will be convened and set a date to hear the appeal within 90 calendar days. A new deadline for public notification of final action and opportunities for comments will be determined after the appeal is concluded.


 Contact Executive Director Dawn Hogue at or 202-403-7852 for additional information.

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