Spring 2008 Alerts

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The Commission held its spring meeting in Evanston, taking accreditation actions. The changes to the Standards sent out for comment in January 2008 were enacted at the April 2008 meeting.

The Commission’s objectives in the changes included:

  • Clarify the language of the Standards to minimize interpretation issues and to make clearer expectations from schools and programs

  • Reduce redundancies within the Standards

  • Incorporate information currently in appendices (e.g. advertising policy, satisfactory
    progress definition) into the SSR itself, thereby more clearly linking exhibits/evidence
    with the specific Standard

The new Standards have changed neither competencies nor reporting expectations. The new Standards and affected appendices will take effect January 1, 2009. Please watch for the current COMTA Policies, Procedures and Standards CD-ROM. Effective January 1, 2009 all Self-Study Reports (SSR) submitted are to be submitted electronically. Any school electing to submit the SSR in hard copy would be assessed an additional $500 fee per accreditation cycle.

Due dates for the submission of the SSR have been revised. Effective January 1, 2009: to be considered at an October Commission meeting a program’s SSR would be due January 1; to be considered at an April Commission meeting a program’s SSR would be due July 1. For example, if a program wished to be considered at the October 2009 Commission meeting the

SSR would be due January 1, 2009; and if a program wished to be considered at the April 2010 meeting the SSR would be due July 1, 2009.

Finally, the process for verification of a program’s SSR has been revised. The process will now be in two steps. The first step will consist of an off-site team review of the SSR to be conducted at the COMTA office. The second step will consist of a limited on-site visit to the school or program. The Commission at the April meeting voted to revise the Annual Report requirements and process. Effective January 1, 2009 all Annual Reports for all schools and programs will be due March 1 and require only the Completion, Placement Licensure chart.


  • Annual Financial Report Submissions are due within six (6) months following the
    end of the institution’s fiscal year.

  • Sustaining fees for all institutions and programs are due on March 1, 2009.

The Standard criteria for completion, placement and licensure are included below as a reminder of the current expectations for all COMTA schools and programs. Please note that the minimum expected completion rate is different for programs twelve months or greater in length.

Requirements for all reports received or reviewed in 2007-2008:





Minimal Standard Level




For programs twelve
months or greater in length




These statistics are based on the analysis of all annual reports received in 2003-2006.
The standards reflect the minimal level, which is one standard deviation from the mean.

Notification of Institutions and Programs to be considered at the October 2008 Commission
Meeting: The following schools and programs are currently scheduled to be reviewed at the
October 2008 meeting. If you have comments regarding these schools or programs please
submit them to the Executive Director by September 1, 2008.


Mueller College Holistic Studies San Diego, CA

Northwestern Health Sciences University – School of Massage Therapy
Bloomington, MN

Cayce/Reilly School of MassotherapyVirginia Beach, VA

Cortiva Institute-SeattleSeattle, WA

Cortiva Institute-Somerset School of Massage TherapyPiscataway and Wall Township, NJ

New Applicants:

CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & ClinicMinneapolis, MN

The Salter SchoolWest Boylston, MA

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