Bylaws Revisions – Commission Composition/Roles

Posted by: Angie Myer    |    Monday, April 7, 2014

Bylaws Revision – Commissioner Roles

At its recent March 19 -21, 2014 meeting, the Commission amended its bylaws to expand the types of positions allowed on the Commission, and to allow some positions to be appointed rather than elected by the currently accredited members. This revision creates two new positions: Distinguished Contributor and Regulator. The two new positions, as well as the Public Member positions, will be by appointment.

This will increase the perspective on the Commission and allow for a full Commission even when few nominations are submitted.  The changes are reflected in the updated Bylaws Document found here

For those individuals interested on serving on the Commission in these or any capacity, please contact the COMTA office at 202-895-1518 or


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