Accreditation Grant Length Change

Posted by: Angie Myer    |    Monday, April 7, 2014

Accreditation Grant Length Change

Background: At its October 2013 meeting, the Commission voted to extend the grant of accreditation from five years to seven years, pending public call for comment.

At its recent March 19 – 21, 2014 meeting, the Commission reviewed public comment data and voted to ratify the change of accreditation grant length from five (5) years to seven (7) years. 

The new grant length is effective for all accreditation decisions made on or after March 19, 2014.  Per USDE policy, accreditation grant changes are not retroactive, but will be applied for each program or institution upon renewal.

Please click here to view the revised Policy and Procedure Manual showing this change. 

For questions or comments, please contact the COMTA offices at 202-895-1518 or



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