Commission Action – Educating Hands Revocation

March 7, 2019


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Commission Action

By action of the Commission at its February 15, 2019 meeting, the following is ordered:

Revocation of Accreditation

Educating Hands School of Massage (Miami, FL)

At its February 15, 2019 meeting, Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) placed the institution on Show Cause as to why accreditation should not be revoked for failure to respond to reports that it is no longer in operation and therefore out of compliance with COMTA eligibility criteria.  (See February 20 Commission Action.) 

The school was to provide detailed information regarding its operational status, including its location and compliance with COMTA’s eligibility requirements, and any arrangements the institution has made to assist current students in continuing their education.  The school was to respond by February 28, 2019 or face automatic revocation.  No response was submitted, and tracking indicated that the Commission letter was marked “return-to-sender” as undeliverable.

Therefore, the Revocation of Accreditation becomes effective ten (10) calendar days from the date of the notification, unless the institution submits a notification to the Commission of intent to appeal as outlined in the COMTA Policies and Procedures, Accreditation – Section V. Appeals Process, pgs. 11-12 of 27.

The institution remains accredited for the ten days allowed by policy. If notification of intent to appeal is not received by March 17th, the revocation of accredited status is considered a final decision, and is effective on March 18th.

If intention to appeal is received by March 17th, the accredited status remains as Probation with Show Cause during the course of the Appeal proceedings.  Should an appeal be filed, another Public Notification will be posted.

Contact Acting Executive Director Dawn Hogue at or 202-888-6790 x101 for additional information on this matter.

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