Fall 2008 Alerts

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Commission Alerts
The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) would like to announce that at
its October 2008 Commission Meeting, the Commission acted to expand its scope to include
distance education (within its accreditation authority) and the inclusion of skin care/esthetician
schools and/or programs.

The following Policy and Procedure Change(s) have been enacted as of the October 2008
Commission Meeting:

  1. A school placed on show cause or probation shall not make substantive changes during
    the period of show cause or probation order, without written authorization from the

A change in leadership refers to “a change in position of authority for making daily management
decisions that affect the institution or program”. Changes in leadership only apply to such
persons as the CEO, President or Executive Director. All other changes must not be submitted to
the COMTA office.

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