October 2011 Alerts

Posted by: LaToshya Vaughn    |    Tuesday, November 15, 2011 7:00 am


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The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) would like to bring your attention to the following announcements:

1) The Appendix C: Definition of Terms was revised at the October 2011 meeting.  Please click here to view the revised document.

2) Teach Out Policies and Procedures: The Commission reviewed the criteria for the Teach-Out Policy and Procedure and the current COMTA policy was revised.  In addition, two new forms have been implemented in conjunction to the new policy.  Please click here to view the revised COMTA Policies and Procedures Manual and the two new forms: “Appendix D.21 Teach Out Agreement Approval Form” and “Appendix D.20 Teach Out Plan Approval Form

3) COMTA Self-Study Report (November 2011) – Revised:  The Commission revised Standard and all of Standard 2.9 for the Distance Education requirements.  Please click here to view the revised COMTA Self-Study Report (November 2011).

4) As of October 1, 2011, Ms. Deirdre Strunk resigned from the Employer position with the COMTA Commission.  Many thanks to her for the dedication to COMTA over the past years.  Her position has been filled by Ms. CG Funk who is the Vice President of Industry Relations and Product Development for Massage Envy Franchising.

5) We would like to welcome again our newest Commissioners: 

• Ms. Beverley Giroud, Practitioner Commissioner
• Ms. CG Funk, Employer Commissioner
• Ms. Christine Kiely-Granstaff, Practitioner Commissioner
• Mr. Jeff Harmon, Public Member Commissioner

To view their bios, please click here. 

Be sure to check the COMTA website regularly for actions and alerts.  The Commission updates all pertinent actions and alerts on its website.  Please promptly inform COMTA if your school has a new email address. If you have comments regarding any of the schools on this list please write the COMTA office.  For additional information concerning this memorandum, please contact Kate Zulaski, Executive Director, at 202-895-1518, or via email at kzulaski@comta.org.  You may also email the chair of the Commission at chair@comta.org.

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